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All is Well

I'm beginning to understand this phrase I've heard so many people tell me in the past. Sane people i might add. Shit is still awkward, all my anxiety seems to have surfaced, but I'm riding it better. Like a dizzy surfer.

I'm seeing my personality like it's an object at times. Rather odd I do say. I don't dislike it as much as I used to; maybe because I don't feel as wired to it as much all the time.

Glad to hear it Jim! Your surfer metaphor is spot on smily

A lot of these classic phrases have started to ring true to me too, and it feels pretty good. Much less stress when there is no struggle, and I can be inspired and entertained by them instead. But that's the thing. Before looking they were of no help to me. I can see how they are well meant, however in the end they seem only to make sense to those for whom they don't bring any real news, unfortunately. Luckily the fear is easily removed so anyone willing to look can see it for themselves!

All is one is false if you think about it. Language can't handle the meaning of it. Saying "all" and "one" implies there is a distinction between the two while the meaning of the phrase is that there is no distinction. Its meaning cannot be carried by anything other than itself. Also a structure, language for example, can't mirror structurelessness, so it's already doomed anyway. With the fear present this would be difficult to see I believe and so misinterpretations, misunderstandings of the meaning are almost certain. Especially if one hopes to find refuge in any of it. All is one is clearly true, all is one is clearly false. All is one is like a cover-up for its own meaning. But on the other hand... All is one is a well of truth with profound implications, absolutely worthy of its status among the proverbs. Just can't take any of them too seriously.

Hi there I joined the webinar on Sunday having come across John's broadcasts on YouTube. I have been taking time to do my looking and it seems to be working, certainly early days at present. I have a strong belief that 'all is well' beneath my attitudes, beliefs, opinions and thoughts, but these had always got the better of me throughout a 3-year period of depression following a crisis in my life situation. Struggling for a spiritual solution had become obsessive whilst I isolated myself from virtually everything else outside of work, and it wasn't working. For once now though I feel I can say all is well and mean it! Just getting familiar with the various sources, forums, events etc on here but I'm a slow learner so always glad of help and advice. Thanks.

I kind of know what you're saying. I'm having real trouble focusing and reading isn't easy at the moment, which is ok. Relaxing seems difficult right now, as I suddenly seem more open too everything, which feels strange. Hence 'dizzy surfer' :P

'Language stands all alone' is a phrase I hear one of the sane ones say quite a bit. Also, 'language doesn't care about right or wrong, it just makes sentences'.

I now see why John stresses about focusing attention so much; I am finally deciding to let go of habits the best I can by engaging/responding to the world which isn't too hard, as long as my attention is fully on it. Having social anxiety meant an awful lot of time is/was spent on my self. It is impossible to feel self conscious if my attention is absorbed in other objects other than myself. Response rather than reaction now seems like a choice I can use intelligently. But this isn't easy.

I need to push forward now and stop expecting everything to suddenly be all roses. Expectation has made me suffer. Moving into fear and playing with it makes a lot of sense now.

Love too all!

Keep moving!

This is good news, Jim. Now there can be nothing better to do than begin a disciplined practice of exercising your control of your attention.

My advice now is to begin a practice of exercising your control over your attention in the manner we recommend here.

There is nothing other than that exercise that will, over time, reveal to you directly the actual nature of your relationship with your life.


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