the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ending the automatic fear response

Hi You Guys,

I'm listening every time you're there and, although the act of looking at myself is still in progress, I'm getting a glimmer of my life without blinders. This message is something that we've needed to hear forever! What keeps coming up for me now is the importance of sharing/unmasking the belief in this completely unnecessary fear! People need to know that this insidious undercurrent of anxiety which is experienced by most of us is a lie and CAN be done away with! It is a an extremely simple, mechanistic habit but we haven't had the courage to admit that it's there and it's unnecessary. To look into someone's eyes without this mask is to be in the midst of life in its full blown beauty and it's there in every cell of the universe. How sad that we humans haven't been able to engage and trust in the absolute magnificence of the wonderfully complex, creative and powerful life that we all live together as the ONE life. I'm with you forever as I move more and more into my deeply appreciated and immediate life. I've been waiting for no reason for far too long.



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