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Using the Just One Look Method

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Question about SDA

- I've been doing the SDA practice a little over 3 weeks now. I usually do it several times a day but, sometimes, quite a bit more. One unusual thing I've noticed is that, while some thoughts I am unable to redirect my attention from, I find that a lot of these thoughts from my past that used to make me feel guilty, embarrassed, or just not that good - don't seem to have that effect anymore - it's like, "No big deal, I did that, I thought that, etc." it no longer triggers a bad feeling. Has anyone else had this experience? Thanks and all the very best. Lex

Yup, all the time. The emotions attached to thoughts, like shame and guilt (despair) disappear over time. Then you're left with just thoughts, which John describes, in one of my favorite quotes, "When the fear is gone, the mind becomes much quieter, much less full of things. Thoughts become like a gentle rain rather than a thunderstorm." Also, "You know you're okay when your mind shuts up."

I don't mind my thinking or take it as seriously as I once did.

That alone is just so wonderful. Maybe it's because I move in circles of artists (who tend to be very sensitive/empathic in general) and/or people on some type of spiritual seeking path, but a good amount of people I know would just be so much happier were the mind not plaguing them with these ridiculous thoughts that make them suffer.

Hey, just so you know, we've also been having discussions on the JOL Facebook page. If you post in the 'comments' section, it comes up instantly. https://www.facebook.com/groups/justonelook/ All the very best, Lex


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