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Self Inquiry

John (or Carla), in one of your videos you say that Ramana's self inquiry helped very few people - a fact he himself admitted. I concur fully with that fact but I don't get WHY. Essentially self-inquiry IS the Looking - so really those who heeded his direction should have ended up where you and many others are - even if after a long protracted phase of recovery being that they were not aware of SDA. Could you shed some light? I understand that you do not want pedantic discussions and I assure you this is not one. Ramana has been my lodestone (much as he has for you both) - and I really don't see a difference between inquiry and Looking. I understand inquiry has been mired in spiritual trappings but at its root, at its fundamental core - are they not the same?

Hello, feraldream.

Thank you for your question. We will post a reply soon. Meanwhile, you might want to see this short video on YouTube. It might answer some of your questions.


This was helpful thank you Carla.


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