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Ways and Means

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Keeping track

I just thought it might be useful to set up a map that visualizes the actual spreading-process, something like a sociogram but with a geographic map as basis. So that one can actually "see" this work grow. If all public looking materials (videos, slideshows, neuwsletters etc.) have a button integrated that says "I've done the looking" (or something like that), each one who has done the act by clicking the button automatically reports this (along with his/her location and date) to the system which then makes this visible in the map. This would enable one to see the progress and evaluate strategies.

Yes, JaJa83, this is a great idea! We would love to have something like that on our website.

John and I have no clue how to implement it. Do you?

Is there a programmer here in the forum who knows how to develop this and would like to work with John and me on it?

I think this should be done by a professional programmer. There are, however, many tools out there that will make it quite easy for that person to implement it. Just google "data visualization and mapping tools" and you will find a large variety of possible solutions for the visualization part such as Tableau, Modest Maps (open source!), StatPlanet, Maplarge and even google maps API. If you go to maplarge.com/visualization you'll find, very nicely presented, what types of maps there are and what functions are important. The data collection system that receives the signal from the "I've don the looking" button and the button itself shouldn't be that difficult to program for a person with average programming skills.


Thanks, JaJa83! I think we can get Google maps in our Google non-profit account. Now let's see if someone shows up who can help us set up the data collection part.

Carla, there are many programmers on fiverr.com who can do this for 20-25 $.I had posted a request the time the idea was fresh but somehow I didn't follow up on it. There are 3 guys who say they can do this within 1-3 days (shanklq, amitsarker1992, and umimehar) The first said he's specialized in working with google Maps api. You should be able to find them by these names on fiverr.com. If you need any support in handling this, let me know.

Thank you, JaJa83! I'll look into it as soon as I can.

That's a great idea Jaja. It brought me the idea we could have a volunteer directory with those who are interested in helping out here, too. It would help keeping track of our locations, specific skills and so on. That would make it easier to get an oversight of what we have to work with in terms of human recourses. We could divide tasks among us easier and track how these projects develop. I know there are plenty of good tools for this type of collaboration, some of them are free or nearly free, I can look into what options are available. But is this something people would be interested in participating in?

By the way I'm still waiting for a response from the folks in TV regarding advertisements, maybe I will hear something this week.


But is this something people would be interested in participating in?

Yes definitely! See how many visitors there are every month. If these are real people and no bots there are huge resources that slip through our hands every day. There should be a platform for participation, so that things grow from the grassroots...


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