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Ways and Means

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An idea to spread this teaching

I was just reading John's new post that Carla posted on the forum. I did have one idea for spreading the word more. I've been involved in the spiritual healing scene in NYC here for close to 20 years. I had facilitated a spiritual healing group here for several years that had numerous people attending, as well as traveling up and down the east coast with medical doctors speaking of spiritual healing. What I have observed in this time is that nothing really spreads something out like word of mouth and concrete results.

I think, were John to write a new book which talked about the Self-Directed Attention practice and how it should be used after the looking to greatly speed things up, that this could create a real stir. The reason being, all the people already interested in this work could be encouraged to write a review of the book on Amazon, and this, to me, is non-biased word of mouth advertising that goes out worldwide. People could include in their reviews how they've already been helped and all the benefits obtained. I think about very well known spiritual teacher types in the past like Wayne Dyer and Eckhardt Tolle - well there's a number of them.. And they came into popularity through writing these best-selling books. I've never published a book on Amazon but I know people who have. I don't know about the cost of publishing just a e-book alone, but I would imagine it would be much less costly than also having a paperback version. So, since $$ is an issue, perhaps starting with an e-book? Ok, these are my current thoughts about this after reading John's post and reading some ideas about spreading this teaching out here on the forum. All the very best, Lex

I like the ebook idea, Lex, and now that the Just One Look Facebook group is up and running, that would be another good place to promote it, along with Twitter, G+, etc.

Yes, and everybody can help by sharing our Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Tumbler, YouTube, our podcast and blog posts on those platforms.

The links to our pages on those sites are on our website menu at https://www.justonelook.org and also at the bottom of our newsletter.

It doesn't take much to share the posts on the social sites or email the information to a friend. Just liking the post doesn't do much. It's best to share it on your own page.

Roed_ recently said that he made a decision to share Just One Look with at least one person every day. Anyone can do that too! You can talk to someone, or email them a link to our website to a friend, sharing our postings on social sites, etc.

Let's be creative!


I think, were John to write a new book which talked about the Self-Directed Attention practice and how it should be used after the looking to greatly speed things up, that this could create a real stir.

Dear Lex, thank you for sharing your ideas. And yes, we agree that a new book is really what is needed at this point. We believe it will help spread the word and get John some new invitations to speak.

We are working on a couple of new books and we will self-publish them through Just One Look Press as soon as we can, both as paper books and ebooks. Since there is only John and I here doing all the work, everything goes very slowly, because there simply is not enough time in a day to do everything that needs to be done.

We are a very small 501(c)(3) public non-profit foundation, but our operation is very complex, with several layers. For 18 years, John and I have worked non-stop to develop and keep Just One Look available to all.

Besides those two books that are works in progress, we have an ebook coming out next week that we think will help spread the word. It is a collection of reports we have received from people all over the world in the last five years or so, where they speak about how Just One Look has affected their experience of life. Jazzrascal is currently proofreading it. We will make the pdf ebook available on our website and we will also offer it as a kindle ebook.

Right now, we really need some financial support from the community while we figure out other ways to pay the bills to keep the work alive. If people would pledge to donate a small amount every month just for one year, that would really help us get through this difficult time.

To anyone reading this, we really need volunteer help! Please look at https://www.justonelook.org/volunteer.php for more details.

And if you can't help with the office work, you can help by telling people about our work and sending them to our website.

Also, if anyone in Southern California is willing to gather a group of people interested in hearing John, we will set up a meeting. It doesn't have to be a big deal. It can be in someone's house.

Oh this is fantastic news! So happy to hear it:- I hope this goes through, I'm writing on my BlackBerry here. Anyway, yeah, great to hear this Carla!!

I know a good amount of people in the spiritual community I can send the links out to the book once they're ready - besides the website which I'm already doing.


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