the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

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Let's protect what we have

I am concerned about the money problems that hound John and Carla with the upkeep and creativity of this work.

Most of us have found our way here via the spiritual world... frustrated and disillusioned with the spiritual world. We came here and were taught a method that brought us home to our own lives. And, we found that in spite of all the searching, our lives, just the way they are, is what we were seeking in the first place.

How do you place a price on sanity... on self-reliance... on satisfaction?

As former residents of the spiritual ghetto, who among us hasn't travelled far and wide, sat with teachers, paid monthly subscription fees, huge retreat fees, donations, etc. and yielded results so much less than what we are experiencing here?

As a businessman, I'm not sure I agree with John's philosophy of not charging for anything, but it is his decision and I respect it and him. The method, podcasts, open houses, and YouTube videos are all free. These are ongoing support tools made with love for the community. If we have a burning question, John and Carla are available at least once a week on line to help. Where else can you find this kind of personal attention and support? Try getting Mr.or Mrs. Big Shot spiritual teacher to answer your question!

At this stage, John should be able to focus on writing and speaking with people. Carla should be able to easily do the things needed for the Foundation, and helping people herself. Neither should have to sweat the money thing month after month.

I have challenged myself to give monthly and to stay active and involved. It won't take that many of us doing this to keep them going and free up the time and energy for the work to move. I know that the money thing is sensitive and it pushes a lot of people's buttons. Some people really don't have the means to help in this way and we all understand that. Stay with us anyway! But, there are a lot of us out here who can afford to give. This is who I am speaking to.

I love this work and I love John and Carla and I think we can move through this issue and on to bigger and more important things for them.

Thank you for your consideration,



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