the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

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The best way to help

This is a 'QUESTION' many people have because in the background it seems negative forces are constantly gaining the upper hand in the world. If one watches TV (especially American TV) most people would agree the insanity appears to get worse and worse with each passing day. Watching the news backs up negative feelings of hopeless guilt fear and worry. Without any doubt watching US TV feeds on making violence a 'form on entertainment'. Hopelessness occurs because it seems like every time we individual humans seem to solve a problem, two more new problems appear in its place. Guilt is next, because no matter how hard we try to change the outside structure of the world, the insanity rages ever stronger. Last but not least we finally arrive to 'John's favorite subject, fear and worry. In my mind, the only way out of this trap is to drop all expectations, including thinking or believing doing the just one look method is the final solution to all the worlds problems. The reason I say this is because we learn in school human misery has been with humanity for tens of thousands of years. It doesn't take much intelligence to come to the conclusion 'suffering' is not going away; as long as there are people stupidity will always be here. In this context my mind points out the obvious way out of all this insanity is to change my relationship with this continuous insanity. I discovered the minute I decide to take a step back and put my attention on something positive the fire begins to die down. Just like to share. One doesn't need years of counting the breath or chanting mantras or any other kind of practice to focus ones mind when you want something bad enough! I think one has to search many years to arrive at such a simple solution. Until one's house is totally on fire, one look is not going to help me or anyone else to be free of something that does not actually exist in the first place.

I feel suffering has its place in this regard that until we become totally sick of it, the illness isn't going anywhere soon.


In follow-up, I'd like to add: I am very grateful for having the opportunity to contribute and share with everyone these past years. I am on the way to India for 2 months to spend time with a Indian Saint called Amma 'during the Christmas holidays until late Jan 2020.

Amma recently visited Copenhagen in Oct in which my wife and I worked at the event . We also went to see Amma in Germany. It was a fantastic experience .Wishing everyone in the US a happy upcoming thanks giving. I noticed things have slowed down around here the past few months, not sure why? Otherwise, I'm happy just turning 68 not long ago.

Good to see this post tucked away in the forum. I hope more members take the time to read it and maybe even make a comment.