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Just One Look

2013 Just One Look T-Shirt Fundraising Campaign


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A big thanks to all of you who ordered a Just One Look t-shirt!

Our very first 3-week t-shirt fundraising campaign is now over.

Thanks to you, we sold 63 t-shirts and we will receive a donation of $182.00 USD.

You should receive your t-shirt soon. Wearing the shirt will help increase awareness and recognition of the Just One Look project.

Now there's one more little thing we'd like you to do for us:

We would like to get pictures of everybody who bought a shirt. Our plan is to create a collage that will be displayed on our website, showing Just One Look community members from all over the world.

You can email your pictures to info@justonelook.org. High resolution pictures are better (300 px or more).

Please, when you receive your t-shirt, put it on and take a picture of yourself wearing it. Be creative!

With all our gratitude,
John and Carla


Just One Look Can Change Everything

The act of looking at yourself transforms your relationship with life from one of alienation and fear to the full immersion in natural life.

Help us bring our message of sanity and peace to the world by purchasing your Just One Look t-shirt(s) by October 14.

All profits from the sale of the t-shirts will go to support the Just One Look project.

The t-shirts are screen printed on Hanes Tagless Tees. On the front is a line drawing of the owl's eyes with "One cause." above, and "One cure." beneath. The back features the full JustOneLook owl logo with the url "JustOneLook.org" beneath. Simple and good looking.


$15.50 per shirt.


Royal blue.


Available in several sizes. Click on Sizing info for details.

Click here to order your T-shirt(s).

This fundraising campaign is being deployed through Teespring.com. With the help of the Teespring team, we designed the t-shirt and now we offer them to you.

We pay no upfront money (and neither do you). We have to set a number of t-shirts that we think you will buy within three weeks, which is the maximum duration allowed by Teespring for a campaign.

Our goal is to sell at least 50 T-shirts before the October 14 deadline.

As soon as we sell a minimum of 50 shirts before or no later than October 14, your t-shirt(s) will be printed and shipped to you. After production expenses are paid, the profit from the sale will be sent to us.

Your credit card will be authorized for the amount of the t-shirt plus a shipping fee when you place your order. If the campaign reaches its goal of 50 shirts sold before the October 14 deadline, your credit card will be charged and your T-shirts will be shipped.

Shipping rates

United States: shipping $3.85 + $.25 for each additional t-shirt.
Your T-shirt should arrive within 10-14 days after the minimum of 50 shirts are reserved.

Canada: $7.50 + $1 for each additional t-shirt.
Your T-shirt should arrive within 17-21 days after the minimum of 50 shirts are reserved.

Other countries: $10.50 + $1 for each additional t-shirt.
Your T-shirt should arrive within 17-21 days after the minimum of 50 shirts are reserved.

If your order hasn't arrived inside the estimated delivery times, please contact the Teespring support team.

Click here to order your T-shirt(s).