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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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After a few years...

So what happened to me? The separation between myself and my body went away. I am more alive than ever! Sometimes i just watch myself and am amazed!

What the dude said was true for me- getting THIS body in contact with me made all the difference. I would go to silent retreats and just try to look at myself again and again and again until other shit happened and just go with it. It's true that when I see myself it is unmistakable... And that the only guidance is that I am tryin to feel ME. Most people just don't get it. They have ideas about what they are. So I try to trick them by doing the 'memory of you as a child' trick. Who knows if any of it has been helpful to those people.

Anyway thought I would post this up.

Life is a gem. It is very alive.

Thank you.

Thanks, Tyson. I really like your posts. They are fresh and real.

Arigato gozaimusu, my friend.


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