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Using the Just One Look Method

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A practical tip

Hi to you all.

Through my life I have experienced a lot of anxiety and tension in my body. In the first steps I took in getting familiar with my attention and what I could do with it, it was very helpful for me to lay down and relax. I have never been able to find a natural way to sit and relax at the same time, and that has made it harder for me to, for example, do a mental exercise. When I lay down and relax I find it much easier to notice my attention. When the body relaxes it is impossible not to notice your attention.

I recommend that you try it. Just lay down and relax and notice this force, called attention, that is moving from one thing to another. Get to know your attention, discover what it is and what you can do with it. And then learn to move your attention to where you want to put it. And when you are familiar with that, you can move your attention to the feel of you that is laying there. Just you. And when you have done that you have done the act of looking at yourself.

So if nothing else works, just give up and lay down on the floor and relax and get to know your attention. To get to know you attention is easy, fun and natural. And I promise you that it is the most interesting thing you will ever do.

I hope someone finds this helpful.

All the best to the hole community.



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