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Hi to John, Carla and everybody!

I just have a very brief question which could maybe be answered in an open house meeting one day...

Why do you think it takes longer for some people to feel some results and for the fear to drop away after doing the looking?

I believed that being quite young (24) it would be very quick for me, but it hasn't seemed to be the case after 6 months...

That is all.


Well, it might have something to with the habit born of the fear to create silent concepts about what the results should be, and looking for signs of what those worn out ideas suggest about how life should be. Or, it could be that six months is a ridiculously short time in which to expect transformation of an organism that has been 24 years in the making. Also, although I do suspect that younger minds might have less trouble in accomplishing the act, and take less time to get through the process of creating a mind based in sanity, I could be wrong about that. It is far too soon to tell.

I would suggest that you read this thread for an excellent and comprehensive account from a young man also in his twenties of how the process has unfolded for him over four years.

Outcomes after 4 years


love, John


Someone looked and they called him immortal Zeus. Another one looked and they called him eternal Buddha. Another one looked and they called him Risen. Now in new Rome a man called John says look for yourself.


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