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I would like some clarification about this looking and the results it will bring being claimed. I don't believe in a panacea. Pain, sadness, loss, grief etc are a part of life. I get the idea that some spiritual teachers speak of that they are impermanent phenomenon and that we don't need to be so closely identified or attached to them but I'm not sure what john Sherman is saying? Is he saying when we do the looking that we will suddenly be happy and these things will no longer plague us? Or is he saying the same thing as the spiritual teachers that we will no longer be controlled by them? Also I have a question about the "sensation of me ness". How do I know when I feel a sensation if it's me or if it's just a sensation? If I sit there with my eyes closed listening to my breathing and I have the intention of looking at myself, is this good enough? Even if I don't particularly feel that I have achieved this insight?


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