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Grace and duration of the Looking

Dear John,

Just a couple of comments, questions.

It seems that most of the time the Looking just happens. I say by Grace just to give the idea it doesn't seem something I can control as in life where you think you have to control everything.

Mostly it happens when I stop just for a moment either doing something or thinking something (mostly thinking something) there's a pause and then there it is. It's as if I think about the Looking and there's no looking. The thought passes and then there's that sense of me-ness. Any thought about the looking just gets in the way and then I let the whole thing go and there it is. Am I talking about anything that makes sense? The intent is there but that's about all.

The other comment, question is about the duration. There are times when it seems to "last" "be there" for all of may 4 or 5 seconds.(Long time, huh??) It doesn't feel like any state. And then the Chatter starts but the sense is that that You-ness has not gone although for a time it may be being over shadowed by all the outward goings on, the attention goes back to the old recordings. The closest I would come to calling it anything is Silence but I would be correct in saying this is the "You" would I not? I do get that it's about the Looking and not Grace or Silence or any of that stuff. So I just keep it up.

I'm just getting used to expressing this stuff. It sounds strange.

All the best to you and Carla. I am definitely going to see you guys. Many thanks.



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