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Just a quick note to say thank you...

John And Carla,

Just a quick note to say thank you for being there and sharing this simple suggestion. I will attempt to write to you soon about my continuing adventures in trying to look at myself. I know that in the past every letter I read and every conversation that I listened to about other peoples attempts to do the looking were very helpful to me. It's strangely hard to describe and there doesn't seem to be any magical "whiz-bang" pay-off, but the effects (side effects?) of looking are constantly apparent. It seems that as you suggested, once the looking has begun it just seems to naturally continue. What good company it is. The sorrows and joys of life are still quite apparent and the tears and laughter come and go so much more easily now. I suspect I could ramble on in poetic terms for a long time here, and it might be quite enjoyable to do so, but I'll spare us for now...

with gratitude and love



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