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Taking the medicine

I just wanted to report that when John spoke of simply "taking the medicine that cures the disease." It was truly a revelation to me. Like many of the posts I am reading here, one of the trump cards of the mind is doubt. Which seems to come in so many guises, Am I doing it right? Am I worthy? Am I skilled enough? And so many other smokescreens.

So to hear that phrase about just taking the medicine was fabulous, it just destroyed those mental remonstrations. "JUST DO IT... AND SEE"

Yes the mind still kicks up its petulant demands, but the looking goes on thankfully, life goes on and I feel bleesed to have discovered John's message and this community.

Thank you all so much.

I love this!! Thank you!...Me too smily I've been pretty down and out lately too, but somehow its right, like you said--the looking goes on, thankfully!


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