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What does it feel like to be me?

Hi. I'm sorry but I still don't understand what you mean, to look at oneself inward. I'm confused. What does it feel like to be me? Do I recall all that has happened to me, look for words to describe myself? Please help. Thank you. Best wishes.

It's pointing to the feeling of me. Feeling. To feel that feeling. No need to describe that feeling. In fact, I just tried describing and the only words that seem to fit are "me" and "familiar". You can recall any memory and feel what it feels like to be you in that memory and compare that to what it feels like to be you now.

I'd like to add that the feeling doesn't refer to emotions or bodily sensations. It's more like a base sensation which doesn't change like emotions and bodily sensations. It just feels like you.

The best advice is to continue to look at me. And while doing this continue with this question and whatever else you are doing. And notice trust.

What does it feel like to be me? It feels like you. This mechanical act of looking at me finds you.

This may seem silly. But hear me out, maybe give it a try. Sort of a game. Let's play pretend. Pretend someone else wants to know what its like to be you. In this game they have the ability to jump into your body and get that feeling. Pretend this person now jumps into you. Show them what it feels like. When you feel it, pretend guy/gal naturally fall away. And there you are. Hope this is helpful.


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