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Two questions, about looking, and not looking

A short while ago I had the realization that the only thing wrong with life is the feeling that something is wrong. With this realization, all the frantic energy of spiritual seeking for five years left me, and I felt, with enormous relief, like a regular person again.

I understood the problem but didn't know the solution. I went back to Ramana and Nisargadutt as well, but couldn't understand what they had been saying. Someone pointed to your website. I understood what you were saying immediately--I think was I very ready for this.

I tried the looking. And I continue with it. Casually.

I have two questions.

1. When I had the realization that the only thing wrong is the feeling that something is wrong (you call it the wound or gap), I also felt that with this realization, the solution is inevitable. I felt that no matter what I do or don't do, now that I understand the problem with clarity, it will inevitably and eventually self-rectify. It's just a pet hypothesis, and I can't test it, because I've already been doing the looking.

2. I think the looking did its job very quickly for me. I can't know if the feeling that something is wrong is gone, but I do see some of positive effects. So what I think is happening now, is that fifty years of psychological build-up is reversing or re-setting. I don't know that for certain though. The question is, why continue the looking? Or, in addition to looking, is there something else I can do to aid the process of healing?

And thank you, and thanks to Carla, for your simplicity and clarity.


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