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Results of the looking

I have been looking for maybe 6 months now. Actually, I had started to listen to John about 2 years ago. I kept coming back to his message time and time again and, 6 months ago I decided I would give it a real, committed try. Many positive things have happened, I will not list them all. Long story short, everything John says is 100% real. This IS the solution.

One funny thing happened today though. I thought it might be useful and fun to share it. I have always been a sucker for transformation spiritual techniques. I like the bang that they sometimes produce. Like fireworks. I learned maybe a dozen processes that aim to transform or change different stuck places, emotions, thoughts, all that. Some of them are very well known, and quite effective, I might add. I always like to learn new things and I thought it was odd that I still look for such techniques and still enjoy them. A couple of days ago, I found another one. I read the book, I learned the theoretical foundations, the basics of the technique, the steps of the process, everything. And then I thought I should try it. So, the first instruction was "find something you want to work on, something you would like to change about yourself". And... Nothing. I didn't find anything! I couldn't find a single thing I wanted to change about myself! And I know there are still major things about my personality that aren't exactly harmonious, and still, I couldn't find anything I wanted to change! I couldn't perform the technique, there was nothing to work on. I laughed and I laughed and I laughed, it was hillarious. Then I remembered, I just looked at myself. John's words came true. And then I looked at myself again. Life goes on and everything is just gorgeous. Life is life and it's beautiful as it is. And this weird, faulty personality is a part of it too. And it too is beautiful. For anyone reading this, for all who might need the motivation and the hope, keep looking at yourself. You just found the pot of gold... and it's you. With love to all, Dragosh


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