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I need you to address the "void" thing

Hello, John.

I need you to address the "void" thing in light of your teaching and the looking because it keeps coming up for me and weakens my conviction in the looking. Everyone everywhere says there's emptiness, void, nothingness, etc, and you say there isn't, there's just "you". My guess is that what "me" really is (as would eventually be clarified by the looking) is what others call emptiness or void. But I want you to say it in your own words so I can shut this thing up in my mind. I know your looking is simple and direct and your way of speaking about it avoids all the spiritual lingo that plagues our minds and creates traps, but what the hell is everybody talking about (even Ramana) when they talk about void?

Amr in Egypt

Dear Amr,

I read your post and talked about it at the Open House Meeting on December 14, 2011. You can listen to the entire meeting in our podcast. Please let me know if more is needed.



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