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A new experience

I have heard John speak of the closing of the gap between you and your life and I must admit I really wasn't sure what he meant until recently when I began to notice that there was only me in the direct experience of life without all the distortion. I really can't express this very well but at first it was startling. Now I can't seem to remember what it was like before so it is becoming, as John would say, just the case. I must admit, I'm encouraged.

Good for you. That sense of clarity is likely to be replaced by confusion from time to time, just as it always has, and feelings of discouragement will likely pass through every now and then. In the long run, though, feeling I made the right decision to stick with the teaching has been paramount--no doubt about it--and that sense of encouragement predominates. Trimpi

You are so right. It has certainly been that way for me. Doubts appear. Certainly confusion. Even as I write this I wonder if I shouldn't keep my thoughts to myself--I really do.

But the course seems to have been set from the beginning--about two years ago and it seems now that the possibility exists for a life without the presence of constant underlying irrational fear and anxiety that has poisoned my life entire life. That's all I have sought, through so many outlets. And until now it seemed always out of reach.

I've lived a reasonably interesting and successful life by most measures. How unbelievably fortunate to have been born into this world in this time and in this place. Yet something is fundamentally wrong and I can see it in everyone.

My question has long been: Why aren't we living in paradise? Could this really be the answer--or at least a major step toward the answer? I really don't know but it's turning into quite an adventure for me.

Touching base with others helps me realize that this is more than my mind playing tricks.

Thank you so much for sharing.


Some would say we are living in paradise. The turmoil and struggle just make it interesting. If there is any "permanent" component to our beingness, then the turmoil and struggle don't have much play. Even if there is no permanence, we are lucky as can be to be here. I'd just rather be here without the misery and suffering, and we know how to get rid of that, don't we? Trimpi

Yes, we do. smily


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