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Yesterday I was listening to someone tell this little story: imagine riding in a vehicle, it's raining, and the windshield wipers are flapping back and forth, back and forth. Imagine that the sole focus of your attention is on the windshield wipers. Your head is going back and forth, back and forth, to the rhythm of the wipers. This becomes quite distressing, as you cannot seem to focus on anything else. You feel your sense of self tied up in those wipers. You are not able to enjoy the ride or any of the scenery, due to this narrow focus of attention on the wipers. Now imagine that you relax your focus, and allow it to take in the entire scene. You can see your body sitting in the car seat, the interior of the car, and the scenery going by outside the car. Soon, the windshield wipers will fade into the background, and become no more important than anything else you see; just another part of the total scenery.

Here is another analogy: you are the sunlight, shining down on the earth. You shine on the mountains, the sea, the forests. You shine on the cities and the people in the cities. You shine on the people making their way to work, and on the people lying in the gutter. You shine on the people fighting wars, and on the people meditating in the mountain meadow. You shine on the piles of garbage, and on the sweetest fragrant spring blossoms. You shine on the people crying at the funeral gathering in the cemetery, and you shine on the merry dancing at the wedding celebration. You shine on the unhappiness and happiness alike. Note that none of these things affects your shining rays in the least. You go on shining, regardless of what you are shining upon.

Both of these had a strong impact on me, and somehow broke through the fog. This is what I wrote down last night after this happened: "I am the light of the world! I am the seeing and all form is the seen. You can't have seeing without something to see. And you can't have something to see without seeing. The light illuminates ALL there is! I am that light. I shine on all form equally. The form doesn't reflect on me, or say anything about me. I am the light that sees all form - all is well in the seeing of all form. I shine and shine, while the forms come and go in my light. What I shine on is neither here nor there. It just is. How can a shining light be anything less than perfect?

I don't control what I illuminate, but what I illuminate doesn't control my illumination. All perception is equally illuminated. No body sensation, thought or emotion is any less or more important than another. I illuminate all these equally - I play no favorites. All these forms only serve to prove my eternal existence - they slide in and out of my light, but my light remains. Illumination makes no sense without something to illuminate. Both are necessary, but neither touches the other."

This was a very happy occasion for me, but even so, I realized the happiness couldn't touch my illumination (me). For the first time, I realized that I don't need happiness to be me, to see, to shine. The point of all this is: I'd like to encourage you to just relax for a few seconds into noticing that you are here, regardless of the forms you see, be they physical forms, or thought forms, or emotional forms. You are the seeing of those forms, and those forms cannot touch your seeing.

I am the light of the world, and so are you! Jenny

How beautiful Jenny


I don't control what I illuminate, but what I illuminate doesn't control my illumination.

I've never heard it put that way. I loved the piece, especially the part that you authored.




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