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The latest webinar - Thoughts and Thinking


I felt compelled to comment on this webinar because of my life experiences. For several years, I led part of a healing group in NYC dedicated to the teachings of Bruno Groening. I mention this because the only other person I've heard talk about the idea that we don't think our thoughts and can choose what thoughts we want to pay attention to through developing focused attention, besides John and Carla, is Bruno Groening. I personally saw people get healed of medically incurable conditions, lose addictions, and/or just become happier people overall. They realized what John was talking about by figuring out how to focus their attention.

I am pointing this out because I don't want some people to think that this whole idea about our not thinking our thoughts is some cockamamie idea that John and Carla just came up with. The most prolific healer that I am aware of, who healed tens of thousands of people, talked about this. Because of the time he lived, he had to speak to most people using spiritual/religious terms and, as John has pointed out very well in the past, this can really obfuscate things and cause a teaching to become less effective. This is actually why I left the Bruno group in the first place. I feel there would have been many more healings, and just many more people helped overall in many ways, if there wasn't this belief paradigm that was usually present.

Now J+C have stripped all those belief paradigms away and have just presented these truths with wonderful clarity. I think this teaching is revolutionary, as I've never seen this presented before in this extremely clear way. As John points out on the webinar, I don't think it's necessary to 'stress out' over the idea that you don't think your thoughts. It's just a concept to keep in mind and be open to. J+C are saying that continuing to practice the SDA, dropping the 'soliders of fear', will lead you to experientially see this truth. Then, your own experience will be unique to you after that. Ok, hope this helps someone who reads it! All the very best, Lex

p.s. - Carla, really liked your explanation of emotions on the webinar!

I wanted to add to what Lex said. He emailed me today to say he was going to watch the webinar. I had already seen it, but was in such a state of distraction that day that I didn't really grasp what John and Carla were talking about. So I watched it again today, and was blown away! (Actually watched it twice). I think the first time I heard John talk about how we don't think our thoughts, that I didn't really believe him. But this time I got it. All of a sudden it made perfect sense. In fact, I realized that for the past few days I had been noticing some really weird scenarios being played out in my mind, and when I became aware of them, I just laughed... Somehow I had the sense that I wasn't thinking them.

I love how John says that we're the "customers" of thought forms. This is so accurate! They offer us their "wares" and it's up to us to decide whether we want to "buy" them or not! Perfect!

I also appreciated the part where a listener said that having so many thoughts seemed "unnatural" to her. This hit a chord with me. I've always been an over-thinker, but now, after doing SDA for many months, all this excessive mind yakking really doesn't seem normal to me anymore.

And finally, I loved what Carla said about emotions, and how there is really only one emotion that thought gives different names to. This is a very powerful observation, because we can use self-directed attention to dismiss emotions and the thoughts they feed if they are not helpful to us. If this were widely known and accepted, it would do away with the need for psychotherapy, analysis, and so on. If any self-reliant individual can handle his/her emotions in this way, then they have the key to freedom without depending on another, not to mention without spending hundreds of dollars and hours.

This was an excellent talk and well worth watching more than once. Thanks, John and Carla!

I agree, and this was good too "there is no one else here".

There never is!

My love and thanks


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