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Using the Just One Look Method

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SDA progress


I'm merely here to log my progress using the SDA, in order to get corrected if I stray a little too far away from the intention of the method.

I've been trying to use the method for some months, but more intensely from the start of January. I seem to have some progression in gaining control of my attention.

I've been having trouble with my efforts to focus on my breath to not impact the breath, i.e. making it deeper, so I've ignored it for the time being, even though you've stated in the book that it's very important. I've also found the counting to be a bit too many things too juggle in my attention in addition to focusing on the feeling in the nose.

I've found a couple of guidelines helpful for my self:

1. Try to really zero in on only the feeling sensations in the nose and regard everything else as noise or distractions. Even thoughts regarding "tips" on how to focus better.

2. Treat thought or emotional distractions the same way I would noises. If I'm trying to focus on the sound of birds, but some other noise I can't do anything about is distracting me, I don't try to remove the distracting noise or push it out of the way, but I attempt to zero in on the sound of birds, regardless of how vague it is and leaving the other noise be.

Hi Lars, I focus on each breath but only count 1. In, out, one. In, out, one. Just that for ten minutes, I have found it effective in training my attention. Maybe this can be useful for you too. All the best, Robert


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