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We are happy you found us.

We offer an extremely simple method that will rid you of the root cause of your dissatisfaction with life, and the painful yearning for peace and fulfillment that seems never to be fully satisfied.

We promise you that if you will just try to do what we suggest here, you will succeed and, in time, your relationship with your own life will change forever.

This process will never end for as long as you live. You will continue to grow in sanity, clarity and effectiveness in your relationship to the circumstances of your life. You will find ever-deepening satisfaction and a clearer understanding of what it really means to be human.

Our method is the result of more than sixteen years of experience working with people all over the world who have seen their relationship with their own lives change dramatically for the better.

Begin by watching this short video and following the instructions. Please turn on your speakers. Click on CC for subtitles.

Nothing more needs to be done now. This simple act of inward looking at your me-ness, the sensation that you call "me," will automatically dissolve the background of anxiety, distrust and dissatisfaction that is the experience of life for most of us.

There is no need to try and stay there, or rest in yourself. The moment of looking is very brief—so brief that you will hardly notice it.

In the next few days or weeks, you may experience relief and lightness, a sense that all is really well. Enjoy it!

After that, there may be a period of confusion and psychological difficulty, in which old patterns of behavior may reappear.

There is plenty of support available on our website and plenty of people in our community forums that will be able to help you put what is happening to you in context, and guide you in developing your own understanding and your skill at navigating this entirely new relationship with life.

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