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Essays and Articles

Written by John Sherman


About John Sherman and his work


Just One Look, the Story


No More Fear, No More Anxiety

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Self-Directed Attention

English                       Português

Just One Look

English                       Português

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The Fear of Life and the Simple Act of Inward Looking That Snuffs It Out

English                       Français

Svenska                      Deutsch

Pусский                      日本語

Understanding the Fear of Life


Who's to Blame?

English                       Deutsch

Look at Yourself

About the book.

Autobiographical Sketch

English                       Deutsch

Nederlands                Italiano

Pусский                     Limba română



The Radical Act of Inward Looking

Paul Freedman M.S.W., R.S.W. Jonathan Goldberg M.S.W., R.S.W. and Jaak Reichmann M.D., FRCP(C)


John Sherman: Få et glimt av deg selv. Så lite skal til for at menneskeheten skal bli fri fra frykt

Helene Habberstadt, Psykoterapeut & Caspar Seip, Psykoterapeut


Hva Se på deg selv ikke er

Helene Habberstadt, Psykoterapeut & Caspar Seip, Psykoterapeut


Evolution of a Revolutionary

Alex Fryer


Escape From The Prison of Mind

Randall Fitzgeral


Ten Questions for John Sherman

Robert Wolfe


Qual o objetivo de olhar para si mesmo?

Carla Sherman