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Look At Yourself, a book by John Sherman


look at yourself book   "John Sherman has succeeded in de-mystifying the mystical. By transcribing actual conversations he takes us to the experience in the moment. A truly rare event in literature. This book is an excellent read for anyone who asks the BIG questions."
This book by John Sherman is very clear, simple and helpful. His words are very much 'to the point'. His constantly reminding us to 'Look At Yourself' in this book and on the web brought a fundamental shift in my life. As he says: 'To look at yourself whenever it occurs to you is to move from the endless work of self-definition to the endless adventure of self-discovery'. I recommend this book very highly to everybody."
"Got the new book... Thanks, it is very clear and simple, and profound!"

"Any serious seeker should take a look at this book. John cuts through the spiritual materialism into the simple truth in a very accessible, clear, language. Few have put it on the line like this."

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In this book, John Sherman presents a clear and coherent view of the actual problem that makes human life seem so unsatisfying, and suggests a simple and revolutionary method to bring an end to dissatisfaction and misery once and for all.

This method is so simple that it requires nothing of you but the willingness to look within and notice yourself from time to time, whenever it occurs to you to do so.

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