We know how tiresome the seemingly endless requests for money can be from even the worthiest organizations. None of us are able to give to all who ask, and some of us just ignore all such requests. But if you have any money to spare, no matter how little, it may be worth taking a moment to consider which if any among all those who ask might best fit your own sense of what's most needed in a world full of need.

Our every waking hour and every spare dime we can scrape together are given to the effort to bring the simple act of looking to the world. Please join us with whatever you can afford, no matter how little.

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Just One Look

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One-page flyer with instructions on how to look at yourself. (Word 97-2003 files)

Look flyer (doc) B&W (2 per page)
look instructions


Just One Look App

An app that guides you through a simple act of the mind that brings about a new way to see your life. The app comes in two different flavors.

JOL app


1. Web app for Android and Apple devices and web browsers

Click on one of the links below from your device to run the free app and optionally install it on your device as a web app. Feel free to email the links to your friends or post them on social sites.

iPhone  iPad  iPod Touch  Web browsers    (Links will open the web app in a new browser window).

Android devices (Click to download the app installation file and install it on your Android device).

Once the app launches in your device, tap Add to Home Screen (or equivalent) to add the app icon to your apps list.

This app was made thanks to Zapplify, an app design company located in Melbourne, Australia.


2. Native app for Apple devices only

A free native iOS app.

app store Click here to go to the iTunes App Store and download the free app.

This app was created and donated to the Just One Look project by professional designer Jesse Wood, based in Wellington, New Zealand.


Just One Look App Flyer

Right-click on the link or on the image and choose Save link as... to save the file on your computer. Half-page flyers, two per page. Print them, cut them, and carry them with you. Place them anywhere you like or hand it to people.

JOL app flyer (pdf) COLOR JOL App flyer (pdf) B&W
JustOneLook App JustOneLook App


Postcard images with quotations (for use on Facebook, Twitter, email, etc.)

Right-click on the link or on the image and choose Save link as... to save the file on your computer. These may also be printed on T-shirts, mugs, etc...

If you will look (jpg) Life rushes in (jpg)
If you will look life rushes in card
If you will try (jpg) The secret (jpg)
If you will try The secret

2013 Resolution (jpg)

Whenever you think of it (jpg)
2013 resolution card whenever you think of it card

Look at yourself (jpg)
look at yourself card  


Just One Look Flyer

Half-page flyer color (PDF) Half-page flyer black & white (PDF)
look at yourself flyer look at yourself flyer


Business Card templates (Word 97-2003 files)

Card Template 1 Card Template 2
template1 template2
Card Template 3


Bumper Sticker Template (Word 97-2003 file)

Sticker Template 1



The Childhood Memory Method

Pamphlet with simple instructions on how to use a childhood memory to look at yourself.(PDF)


The Direct Look Method

Pamphlet with simple instructions on how to look at yourself. (PDF)


Mindfulness Training Instruction

Flyer with simple instructions on how to do mindfulness training. (PDF)


How to rid yourself once and for all of the fear of life that spoils life and find satisfaction using a simple act of inward looking.

Flyer with instructions on the act of looking inward at yourself. (PDF)


Como se livrar de uma vez por todas do medo que estraga a vida e encontrar satisfação em sua vida usando um simples ato de olhar para dentro de si

Instruções para olhar para si mesmo. (PDF)


Texts in languages other than English

Translations of texts by John Sherman and other original texts.



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