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Email we received from Peter and Vera Duggan about the transformation the looking has brought about in Peter

Hi, Carla, I thought you would be interested in this. It is a narrative that Vera wrote to the poetry site Poetry Soup. I have spread your names a lot on this site through various ballades I have written, and will do until I run out of talent. Thank you for everything you have done for my family. Peter.

Hi everybody, my name is Vera, as some of you already know, and I am the wife of Peter Duggan. I came on this site to cheer Peter on, and also to read some poetry which I do enjoy at times. I have made a few friends on this site and correspond with some, and a few of them have asked me to write something. Now I have never done anything like this before, but I decided to humor these friends any way.

I could not really think of anything to write about, but then I thought of a subject dear to both myself and Peter; the transformation that he has gone through in the last five years. This might be of interest, and indeed some help to others who are having problems within their relationships with others.

When he came back to Australia, this was when it all went pear shaped. Peter started to change; he become very aggressive and psychologically cruel to myself and our three children and was like a keg of dynamite just waiting to explode. He would argue about everything and anything, and got involved in many very nasty fights. No one could tolerate him for very long, and myself and the children often felt like we were walking on eggshells whenever he was around. He turned to alcohol, and cannabis, and he was always off his head on any one of those drugs. Having said all this, Peter was never physically aggressive to me or the children.

Anyhow, this all came to a climax when he suddenly walked out on us all and decided he wanted to live like a bum. Said he wanted his freedom. This was the last time I saw him for a year, when, because I loved him so very much, I asked him to come back to us again. He came back, but nothing really changed. In fact, I told him he would never change, and I honestly thought our marriage was beyond repair. He had done so much counselling, read every book on self-help, and tried religion (all the major ones), but nothing really helped.

Then one day, about five years ago, Peter was perusing through the net, desperate to find someone to help him get rid of this evil that lurked within him. He came across a man named John Sherman, who claimed that he could help people with this simple little action that he gave Peter to do. In his desperation, Peter put his whole life into this simple act.

He never strayed from this path, and after a month or two things started dropping away. Each day he seemed to get more and more happy, so happy in fact that he seemed to bubble with happiness. His anger started to drop away gradually until it diminished completely. He still loves to argue, but he never has to be right all the time and treats it all as a game. How anyone can change so dramatically is completely beyond me, but the miracle happened; the evidence is before me.

If I ever won the lottery, I would donate half of it to the Shermans and the RiverGanga Foundation, and would be totally happy to do this. But the only thing that we can do is spread the Shermans' work any chance we can get. We both owe them so much.

Anyhow, this is my first write, and I hope that many people might gain something from it. Peter and I are now the happiest couple that ever walked the face of the Earth. I thank all of you that chose to read this. Whether I'll ever make a second attempt one never knows. But I surely enjoyed writing this.

Vera Duggan
Perth, Australia - April 17, 2014.

John and Carla Sherman


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We give every waking hour and every spare dime we can scrape together to the effort of bringing the simple act of looking at yourself to the world. We deserve no special credit for this. We do this because we see that common misery very clearly, and we are unable to turn away from it.

We believe that if just ten percent of the human family tries this act, the entire family will soon learn of it and in time we might well be finished with all our self-destructive madness. Our goal is that simple. We want to bring this simple suggestion to enough people in the world to see if our theory is true.

We cannot do this without your help. We have no money ourselves, and we have no grants or rich donors to provide the financial support we need. We have only you and others like you who believe with us in the power of this simple act to heal the human mind and bring peace to the world.

Please consider supporting this work with whatever you can afford. Everything helps.

With love,
John and Carla Sherman

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