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the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Getting Help from John and Carla Sherman

John and Carla Sherman are available in a variety of ways to help you in your journey from fear to self-reliance.

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Private Sessions

In a private conversation we'll be available to answer all your questions and help you with your most personal doubts and issues.

Private sessions may be done by telephone or video call. By donation.

Monthly Webinars

Every now and then, we present a webinar in which they discuss a topic of relevance to anyone who works with the Just One Look Method.

Registration is required and free of charge. After the webinar, each registrant receives a personalized link to the complete video recording of the webinar.

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Public Talks

We accept invitations to speak at conferences, schools, colleges, churches, organizations, companies, etc.

We will come and present an introductory talk followed by a Q&A session, a 2-hour workshop, or any other format that better suits the needs of a particular audience.

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