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Private Sessions with John Sherman

The end of the tunnel is near.

For a limited time, John is offering Private Sessions online or by phone.

All the information you need to reset your mind and live an authentic life free of needless fear, anxiety and depression is available on our website. But the healing process can be difficult for some and many feel that they would like some personal attention and advice.

A Private Session with John will help you better understand and deal more effectively with your particular circumstances. John will listen to your specific concerns, answer questions regarding your practice of self-directed attention, and give you guidance on using the practice to help you better navigate your day-to-day life as your mind is healing.

To save time during your session, please send an email to John Sherman at private@justonelook.org and write "Request for Private Session" in the Subject line. In your email, please include your name, your city, your country, and your email address, and your answers the following questions:

1. When did you start looking at yourself in the manner we recommend?

2. Do you practice self-directed attention as explained on our website?

3. Anything else you would like John to know about you and your circumstances.

4. What days and times would be most convenient for you? Don't forget to tell us what country you're in.

Then go to our web store to make your payment.

When we receive your payment, we will send you an email with a couple of dates to choose from. Once we agree on a date and time, we will send you another email with instructions to make the call.

We will send you a link to download the recording of your conversation with John a couple of days after your session.

Private sessions are available individually or in packages. Click here for fee information.