the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Just listened to the first grassroots meeting

Hi Carla and John and everybody,

I have not been able to be online regularly in the past half year due to finances. However I have been able to catch up on podcasts from time to time and just today I found the recording of the first grassroots meeting. There were lots of great suggestions and comments which I found helpful. I have had many interesting experiences with sharing the suggestion to look at yourself and recently there have been some interesting local discussions with some of my friends who have benefited from this also. One idea thrown around involved us producing some sort of documentary following the emergence of this act among humans. There was great input from all involved.

Additionally and more relevant to the recent grassroots discussion, I plan to submit some sort of Just One Look logo and graphic starting point that could be shared and used by those who would like to have business cards etc.

I think there is also some potential for the production of a small leaflet which could incorporate the graphics which I had previously developed for the planned animated "how to look" video.

I will do a little work on these items during the quiet moments next week and share them before the next Grassroots meeting.


David A


I think the idea of a documentary is brilliant. John's personal history, the emergence

of the act, the community, and the way in which the act bumps up against

our traditional assumptions around the cause and cure of human suffering is fascinating.



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