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Making it local

Hi all!

As many others here, my attention has lately been more and more focused on the ways we can be effective in comunicating this wonderfull and importent act to others. It is a process and a learning to develop skills to be as effective as possible. It feels very natural that it is so.

My process of learning is developing real fine, but the only problem is that it is developing in Swedish and in Danish and in my local context. Of course it's not a problem, it's wonderfull. But it is a problem to me to combine that with an easy and uncomplicated contact with the forums that all is in English. I found it sometimes hard and exhausting to write of my process of learning in English. And it seems sometimes that it effects my natural process here where I live. And I have also seen the great importance in talking your own languge in these matters. Here in Scandinavia we have a tendency to take on English when we talk about and learn new methods (especially in "spiritual" areas).

I have so much use of the forums and the webbsites etc. and at the same time I have thought of the possibility to also have, for example, a Scandinavian forum.

I would be really grateful for coments on this. It fills much in me for the moment.



Welcome Niklas,

There are a number of people in Scandinavia are actively involved in the looking, and in the effort to bring this news to the world. We hear regularly from people in Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland, and there are a number of translations on justonelook.org in nederlands, svensk and norse. Just look for International on the top menu.

Your posting here will no doubt bring other replies from friends in Scandinavia.

It is very good to see you here.

Love, John


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