the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Developing useful resources

Hello Everyone,

As we work to find ways of sharing this suggestion (look at yourself) with all of humanity it is clear that we need to develop excellent tools to make this effort efficient.

There is a growing group here at the grassroots forum who all have personal experience with this act and each one of us has had a unique experience coming across the suggestion in the first place.

I am currently working on graphic design and branding and the way they can help to bring focus to and not deter from the suggestion to "look at you". John and Carla have much experience in refining the language used to describe this act so that the words do not take the listener or reader's attention away from the importance of simply trying the act. They have found that many words that are in common use amongst us are very loaded with meaning and significance which distracts us leads us into thoughts and conversations about infinite topics which are beside the point when trying to look at yourself. I believe it is similarly important to refine the graphic language used in bringing attention to this suggestion.

Those of you who are already signed up for the Grassroots Webinar Series and attended a meeting will also have received your invitation to the Grassroots Chat Room. If you haven't received an invitation contact Carla. The Grassroots Chat Room is a great place where we can chat in real time and share resources. Please send me a private message (at this forum) if you are interested in meeting in the chat room at a specific time to discuss design, branding, advertising and other similar topics as they relate to this project. If you haven't already checked out the chat room I encourage you to take a look at the conversations and resources that are already there and jump in on the conversation.

It's great to be here working on this project with all of you.




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