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Another way to reach more people

Hi John and Carla,

I have recently watched a few new interviews at conscious.tv. They have interviewed many people about their experiences with non-duality, etc. I think that your simple suggestion to "look at yourself" would be a welcome message there. I hope this is helpful on "the way forward".



Good Idea, also Nevernothere.com. I know you have already been on there John, but maybe with this new clarity it would be worth another spot?

Dear Madego,

John did another interview with Richard Miller for nevernothere.com more recently.

You can watch it here:

December 8, 2011 Interview.

Good ideas to go to regular channels, maybe even Eckhart Tolle TV.

And speak at conferences such as Science and Non-duality (SAND) and other such meetings.

Good luck!


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