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Finding happiness

This has been our focus seems like forever. One day we are; next day we aren't. Hoping for that perfect blend, the right balance. Anticipating the day we can always have it.

We know happiness is only known now but that knowledge doesn't affect our search. Because we can infer happiness is a state of mind, we work to make things right in our minds. To say happiness is elusive misses the point, which is that happiness is shrouded in movement, and like all states and experiences, is subject to change. Happiness comes and goes like everything else. This indictment against finding happiness also alleges that the most opportune circmstances will not insure a happy state of mind nor will the worst necessarily deny one.

Here is where we can turn our ship around by striking the pursuit of happiness from our aim and replacing it with an endeavor that may work, the elimination of its antithesis: misery and suffering.

The linchpin in eliminating misery and suffering is revealed in our failed efforts to nail down happiness. The key is to search for that which doesn't move by wresting our attention toward that which does.

The search does not include what we find, because if we find it today, it wasn't there yesterday, and it surely won't be there tomorrow.

What appears true one day may be false the next. This leaves the search itself and the searcher, the only parts of the equation which do not change. Without a searcher there is no search; without a search there is no searcher. The focus of our attention is thus turned inward, away from the distraction of our circumstances, away from the chorus of our states of mind, and toward the source directing the search.



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