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Getting John and Carla to Europe

In a recent Wednesday meeting a few of us talked about getting together and arranging for John and Carla to come visit us in Europe. That project will be easier, and more interesting I think, the more we are who work on it. There is literally no plan yet- only a willingness to make it happen.

I wish to ask that you PM me your email address if this interests you in any way. It could only be to meet John and Carla in Europe. Nobody knows how it will happen yet, we will work it out together. In the meantime we can use this thread to talk about the matter more generally.

I am very happy to read this post . I hope this will wake people up to this new possibility, who live in Denmark, Sweden and Germany.

PS. European tour update. Remember the old Chinese proverb "Change faster than planning?" Basically this means, plans take a lot of time (which many of us don't have much of) and have a tendency to fall apart if the focus is to far off in the distant imagination! Therefore the most effective way to begin a new adventure is to gather together with other's of like mind, and agree to form a core group of sponsors and coordinators who are willing to take action.

sounds good to me

Will John and Carla be willing to travel?

Dear Mischa, as far as I understand, John is willing to travel. Where do you live? What is the closest city with a international airport? Hope you are enjoying the summer!

I am based in Spain. Right now I am working on a ship.

Ok. Good hearing from you. I have been in Spain a few times with my wife. Beautiful country. It's my feeling a lot of people are floating around on the subject of John doing something in Europe. I may be wrong on this, but I am beginning to feel its going to take a 'major miracle' to make this happen, as unfortunately not many people have responded. Anyway, keep the faith. Never give up! It's summer and many people are on vacation. It's my experience that most people only want to 'wake up' after something goes really bad in their lives. Guess we will have to wait on this one.

I guess we are on our own here. Which country are you in again? I am still working on the ship.

I live in Denmark. I am working with a group of 200 people who recently sponsored Amma (known as the hugging saint in India because she has given darshan to millions of devotees all over the world). Amma comes to Europe every year the past 30 years. She came with 380 devotees to a large sport hall in Copenhagen this past Oct.I was part of the team of people who helped put things together. I'm sorry to say, I dropped helping John but have not lost faith in the idea. People in Europe who follow John have to be willing to do more then post little sticky messages on public billboards. The Amma visit was a big success with 7000 people in attendance over a 2-day period. The event took many years to make happen. It taught me a big lesson. One must never give up! Over 100.000 Euro was collected and spent creating the event as well as taking in a 50.000 Euro profit in donations collected for Amma's next visit, plus 50.000 paid direct to Amma's charities In India. In the past, I've arranged weekend seminars in Tai-chi all over Europe for Chinese Kung Fu masters. I've temporarily stepped out of trying to organize anything with John because of the lack of basic response in this forum on John coming. I feel people must be sleeping on this subject. Who knows? I soon will travel to India and to the US in California in the late spring. If John is doing some kind of event, I hope to stop by. Sometimes one has to knock on the door of truth many times before it opens! Enjoy your boat travels. I hear many Russians vacation in Goa in the winter. Lots of fun and good luck in your travels!


What you write Roger is in my view just crazy. The way you are used to work in spiritual settings you describe will never work with spreading the JOL work. And as long as you view the JOL work as a spiritual practice with spiritual teachers, I can't be part of such a cooperation and therefore my silence.

The looking has freed me from many old ways of doing things, including every solution from the spiritual realm. The Just One Look Method is new and requires a new fresh way of doing things.


And remember Roger, the "new way of doing things" is already happening around the world. Just because you don't see any big events happening it doesn't mean that things stand still. A lot of people around the world share the looking with people on a daily basis. And that is precisely the new way. You, me or anybody else can share the just one look method as effectively as John can, at least after some training. The message is there to share for anyone. We don't have to rely on any wise men or women, we can do this our self and that is all thanks to the work John and Carla have developed.

I would like more people to know and benefit from this. It seems to be the best kept secret. Although I did get to know of this practice thanks to his shot on Buddha at the Gas Pump which is a spiritual porthole. Ironically the Just One Look Method got me totally off that treadmill and I've been with this for 3 going on to 4 years now.

I find many people who criticize are generally unable to do anything constructive. I have 35 years experience raising money and making my living teaching and promoting seminars all over Europe including Denmark. John is offering to come to Europe since last summer. I like to see what you can offer, Niklas, in terms of raising money. I am perfectly happy letting you take over bringing John to Europe. Call me when you arrange the money to pay for John's plane tickets and expenses as well as book a seminar location! Meanwhile, I am going to California for a few months in May. If John offers any public meetings in LA or Santa Barbara, I plan to go and visit. The ball is in your court Niklas. Wish you success. This is your project now.

Dear Roger,

It has never actually been a project for me to get John to Europe. But if he came I would surely welcome him as a friend. But essentially, what Europe and the rest of the world need is not so much John Sherman, but more the Just One Look Method. The method is developed by John, but the method is not dependent on him. I'm not trying to argue with you. I am just saying that I think that your past experiences with organizing meetings are not automatically useful in spreading the JOL method. Your organizing skills are of course really great and probably much more advanced than my own. But you still seem to believe a person can transmit something of value to another person. I think it is of great importance to see that John Sherman is not a spiritual teacher. He can not transmit anything to us. We can only help our selves, by working with the JOL method. That's why it called a method and not a teaching. So, if we were able to raise money I think it would be better to send them directly to the Just One Look Foundation instead of buying plane tickets and rent seminar locations. In that way, the money would come to much better use in letting more people here about the JOL method.

And when and if the spiritual jargon falls away from your conception of the JOL work, I would happily work together with you. I mean that sincerely.

Take care,

Niklas Lindström


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