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Spanish translations

Hi John,

Just wanted to say I don't see any Spanish translations of your books(unless I'm missing something) and would be willing to get them translated as I live here in Mexico. The selection would of course be up to you. Preferably texts that are succinct and that you think may offer the most for the amount that can be translated. I would be willing to pay for this.I was also a translator myself so some of it I could do. Any revision would be done by a professional and subject to any approval you may able to get.

I meet so many people down here who are looking for alternatives to the organized forms of religion. Mexico is a strongly Catholic country but in talks I've had with people about this I haven't encountered any opposition. On the contrary and this odd, most people seem to know exactly what I mean. The best thing of all is that it involves no change in their current beliefs, which are rather entrenched for some. It would be great to able to refer people who only speak Spanish to your books and your site for clarification.

If this idea appeals to you let me know,

In friendship,


Dear Antony,

All our translations are done by volunteer translators. We will be delighted to be able to add Spanish translations to our website.

The best way to go about this is to fill out the volunteer application form and tell us about your experience. Our volunteer coordinator, Bill Corcoran, will then get in touch with you and he will send you the material to be translated and instructions.

Please go to our website and submit your application here: https://www.justonelook.org/volunteer.php

Thank you very much!



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