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A New Beginning

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Lex Samu and Amy Hildreth Duncan

Lex and Amy,

It feels both sad and strange that both of you guys left us just like that. To me, you just arrived and now you're gone. Your enthusiasm and willingness to share did, as others also has mentioned, a great contribution to our community. I'm glad you posted as much as you did, then we will have your spirit with us in our way forward. And even how strange it may sound and for what it's worth, I'm glad for your sake that you died sane.

Goodbye fellow lookers.

Ps. My feeling of community is stronger than ever.

Yeah Niklas. And they were both great musicians as well. Check out Amy's CD if you get a chance as well as a few YouTube sightings for Lex. Thanks to them I started being a bit more active in the forums.

Thanks for the tip mischa, I will check it out! Great that they did get you more interested in the forums.

Be well.


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