the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Recovery and Rehabilitation

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Please read this before doing anything here.

Recovery from the fear of life can be intense and deeply confusing if you don't understand what's happening. Most of the psychological mechanisms that were born in the fear have now lost their purpose, and the context into which they were born has evaporated in the act of looking at yourself. Your mind now is in the process of developing a new relationship with life based on intelligent self-reliance rather than blind fear, and that process can be extremely painful and confusing to navigate on your own.

The first purpose of this forum is to make it possible for those who are going through the recovery process to be able to write about their experience so that those who have already weathered the storm can offer help and encouragement along the way.

The other equally important purpose of this forum is to serve and develop our collective understanding of the nature of the recovery itself and reveal the value of taking personal authority over understanding and making good use of this time.

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