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Shot in the head

Gabby the congresswomen who was shot in the head said yesterday when asked if she ever gets angry about what happened......."No"....then she paused and said "Life". Do we need to get shot in the head to get what she said? My experience is after doing the looking that it becomes clear that all of the experiences that we don't want (this is especially true when we are going through the recovery experience) are "just life". Life is unpredictable and will what will arise are ups and downs, pain and comfort, clarity and confusion, wanting and not wanting etc., etc., as the recovery continues and things settle down this becomes clear and is an aspect of the "natural experience of life".

I experience great compassion for all of us. You and me, starting with me as I continue to notice my habitual patterns of thought and feeling arise. I am grateful that I am past the point of acting out for the most part, and find that I don't complain much and when I do I am aware of it and don't take myself seriously.

It also becomes evident that this "natural state" has been the case all along and that I have missed the experience of it because my attention was taken by being identified with the "one who suffers", and the thoughts and feelings that have arisen automatically took my attention and appeared to be "reality".

I offer this to provide some comfort and support for those of us who are blessed with the process of recovery and not yet past the eye of the storm.




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