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Using the Just One Look Method

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Why say the looking is difficult


I have heard John say that the moving of attention and the looking is difficult on a few occasions now.

I find that this is not the case although there is no way of knowing I am doing it right.

As soon as I hear it is difficult though, that immediately makes me worry that their is something more to it, than what I have been doing. I believe that this is probably how other people will be feeling aswell. If someone says it's difficult then surely it requires alot of effort and technigue to get it right.

I am just posting this to help others and myself who go through the anxiety of wether they are doing it right or not.

Love, George.


I read your posting and talked about it at the Open House Meeting on November 21, 2012. Please let me know if more is needed.

In love,



My experience has been that what is difficult for some is simple and easy for others. Nothing that can be said about this act of looking is universally true, and what is said about the looking and the process that occurs afterward is an expression of what John, Carla, myself, you, and all who come into this community committed to fulfilling being human are discovering. We are continuing together to learn to talk about it in useful ways, ways that are intended to motivate people to take on this simple act and provide support as the process of transition to a life free of the fear of life occurs. As John constantly points out, we are all in this together. His perceptions are no more important than yours and mine, and as we learn more about what we have come upon that is so obviously the act that works to end seeking or spiritual notions about what is "just the case", we recognize the importance of self reliance and experience that reality speaks for itself.

Thank you for your participation in this conversation, it makes a difference.

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Thank you John.

Was very helpful.

I was only into the non dual teachings for about a year before I stumbled upon your 'teaching'. Therefore from the get go, I felt that putting attention on what it feels to be me was almost to easy, and it is!

However, since starting it which was two months ago now, I have worried that I am not doing it right or that I'm not doing it anough. I even have worried that doing certain things in my life (drinking beer, playing games, listening to music, working etc.) might somehow prevent it from working. I believe that this maybe to do with the recovery you talk about although these things also bothered me during my time looking into the advaita, non dual teachings.

Currently, I look a hell of alot, maybe because I want it to be over so quick. Also, I sometimes feel that I can rest on the feel of me for more that a split second. I don't want to write too much here to confuse people but I definitely can feel that I am never not looking. The looking is being done and I'm just tuning in to notice it.

Once again, thanks for bringing it up! Love, George.


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