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No longer feel separate from the looking

Hi John, Carla and the community. Great to be in this forum!

I just wanted to say that one thing I have noticed since I started the looking around 10 weeks ago, when I look at myself, that it is very definite and crystal clear that it is just simple old 'me' that I am looking at. How it's always felt to be me.

Whereas before when I first started to turn my attention inward, it felt as if what I was looking at was kind of seperate from me. I heard John say that this can be the case when we first start to look, especially when the belief that we are our lives is very strong, so I guess that now this has faded, I am on the right track!

I am very excited about what is to come and excited to be part of this with you all!

Thank you!

Love, George (uk).


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