the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Hello community..

I've just listened to June 5th podcast and feel compelled to make some attempt to join the conversation about fund raising..

If this community can sustain itself as Christopher( thank you for your direct question) mentions we need to come together in some way around this issue.

John and Carla do so much already perhaps we can lighten their load.We all know how stressful it can be to meet the bills at the end of the month. Together we can help without it being overwhelming for anyone.

Let's say we each listen to two podcasts a month..each time I listen I feel really connected to this message in myself first then much clearer and stronger in how I pass it on to friends and family.

I want so much for my grandchildren to live in a world without fear overwhelming them..that there is a way to live with others and on this earth peacefully ..so yes there is an urgency to do some small part to move in the direction

of bringing this suggestion to the world.

John mentions there are perhaps 2,000 members here ..well if we could each contribute even 10$ a month (two podcasts) we could cover basic costs..can you manage 15$, 20$ 30$ great. Different methods are already available but

I put a small amount in an envelope and send it off.

I would suggest we keep the fund-raising (perhaps call it fun-raising so we lighten up a bit around money) within the FORUM community as we are the ones who know the benefits of the looking. It would be fun to have a tabulation

on the FORUM as the cash rolls in we could see how our contribution grows.I wouldn't put any donate buttons on main page .

So just some thoughts....anyone have any suggestions? are you with me on this? Do we need a separate forum to discuss this issue?

love Maureen

Hello Maureen

Thank you for your posting.

I have just listened to the podcast from June 5th and I really feel the need for us to come up with a solution to sustain our work.

I do not have any suggestions right now but this question gets more and more important to me. And we have to talk about it and help each other to see (feel) the importance of what we are doing here.

I am really with you in this. And I think what John sad is right that we do not really need that much to have our work running. The means to communicate is not much of a cost and that seems to bee our basic tool in talking to each other and to grow as a community.

I will from now on focus more on helping finding a solution to our financial situation. And I think we should have the conversation here and not in a separate forum. Maybe this is best seen, not as a problem standing in our way, but a part of what we in this community have to do together.

Thank you for your suggestions, I will take them with me.




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