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Using the Just One Look Method

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My first act

It has been a long struggle for me to start writing in this forum. And now when I am writing, it feels like the next step in my recovery. I have so much to share. And it's a relief to finally be here.

Thank you all for beeing here.


Welcome. I'm new to the forum also, but not to J.S.'s work. That's why I can suggest that you've already recovered. You just don't identify yourself as being awakened. Trimpi

Dear Niklas,

It's great to see you here. We look forward to your contributions.



Thanks, Carla!

Have a really good weekend.

All the best to you and John.

Love, Niklas.

Thanks. Yes, it's like I have the choice to be focused on me, always. But still, almost willingly I turn my attention to the misery. Sometimes it feels like I play with it, and willingly go into the heavy stuff in my mind, even if I really don't have to.

Thank you!



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