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Using the Just One Look Method

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Step 1 - How many times?

Hi. How often should I exercise Step 1 (Look), or how do I know I can move to Step 2 SDA)?

Looking at yourself is not an exercise. Just one look is enough. But you can look at yourself whenever you feel like doing it.

Start doing Self-Directed Attention right away.

All of this is explained in the book Just One Look Method.

Many thanks for your fast reply. If I master it I might help to translate this method into German in order to make it easier for German speaking people to begin with. Have a great day!

Dear Janosh19,

We already have a volunteer translator in Germany who is working on a German translation of The Just One Look Method. We hope to publish it before the end of the year.

Do you live in Germany? What city?

Carla Sherman

Do you live in Germany? What city?

No, living in Switzerland.

OK that's great you already have a translator.


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