the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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To spread the word

Hi, guys,

I posted this (see the text below) on my Facebook page, and thought perhaps some people in these forums could post a message with a couple of words about John and Carla's work on their pages or websites, if they feel like doing it! I thought I would share this post with you! Perhaps it could help to spread the word about John and Carla among wider community of people!

Best wishes to everyone,



Some of you perhaps have already heard about John Sherman. I thought I would post this brief info about him and his work here in the hope that someone gets interested in helping him spread his simple message to the wider human community.

It's kind of hard to talk about who John Sherman is. A revolutionary agitator and bank robber in the 60s and 70s, a federal prisoner for more than 18 years, a converted Catholic, a former Buddhist, a Ramana Maharshi follower, a satsang teacher in the early 2000's.

You can read more about John's story here: https://www.justonelook.org/about.php

In 2006, he and his wife and collaborator Carla Sherman started shifting their focus from the spiritual community into the broader human community, and on developing a message simple enough to be accessible to people from all walks of life. The result is a simple act of "looking at yourself" that can be performed by anyone. Their 2007 annual retreat in Ojai, California was the source of the book Look at Yourself.

Their 2010 Retreat resulted in the fundamental shift in their understanding that the fear of life, which comes upon us all probably at birth and sets the context for all of our understanding of ourselves and our lives, is the root cause of psychological human misery.

After the 2011 Retreat, John and Carla confirmed for themselves the actual utility of speaking of these things directly, with no purpose other than to persuade people to try the act. Upon recognizing that, they began to take serious action to bring this act to a wider community of people, outside of the spiritual community.

They came to realize that they don't need an elaborate explanation of the causes and effects of the problem or its solution. They just ask people to look at themselves, since this act obviously cannot be harmful in any way.

After the 2012 Retreat, they launched the Just One Look Project with the goal of bringing the method of looking inward at the sense of me as the solution to human psychological misery and alienation from life itself to at least 10% of the human population as quickly as possible.

The collective work in their discussion forums and the activities of the Just One Look Grassroots help bring greater understanding of the looking and its consequences and practical actions that can be taken to ease the transition between life before and after the act of looking at yourself.

Now, it seems to me that there is a new stage in their work, where they are seeking to bring spiritual seekers back into the conversation. Spiritual seekers are already actively seeking for an explanation and a solution to the human predicament and they would benefit greatly from their method.

What they offer is a simple act that makes everybody capable of finding what is true from themselves. They don't tell you what's true about the nature of reality, about the nature of existence, about what how you should be and what your real being is.

The simple act of "looking at yourself" (turning attention to the sense of me) makes us self-reliant and able to investigate and explore for ourselves what is true, what is real. John and Carla want to reach out to all communities of human beings, regardless of their beliefs and practices, and that includes the spiritual, non-dual community.

Anyone who is interested in giving their work wider publicity and who has means of helping spread their message of self-reliance and peace may contact John and Carla at info@justonelook.org.


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