the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Ways and Means

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Join me in looking at looking for human peace!

A considerable portion of what goes on in my head these days is about the looking and specifically how to spread it. Many ideas pop up, some are good while others"¦ need development. I have seen all types come and go, from creating a fear-free destination hostel, to acquiring the rainbow body, and to try and get the Just One Look Foundation awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Thoughts I put my attention on grow and develop. Sometimes they turn into actions but for the most part they keep evolving into finer and more delicate forms, like how a potted flower will bloom if cared for. Others have a run until they sooner or later meet their fate and are debunked as non-viable or uninteresting for whatever reason, in which case they normally dissipate quickly. All this happens seemingly on its own, only with attention as a rudder. But how this works is old news.

The news for me is the importance of community. What has recently caught my eye is that when we commune with one another and use our collective attention we can drive these developments at a much quicker rate than if we are alone. We feed of each other's creativity and expressions and it seems the mere presence of others will inspire, energize and accelerate a process greatly. And according to what I observed combining our beams of attention becomes extraordinarily powerful when the group members are not distracted by a context of fear.

All that is done within Just One Look is in truth a collective achievement: I set a personal goal of sharing the looking with one person per day and even though I can't always meet that goal the results of the effort and attention put into it are, unlike most dreams, totally real. And if it wasn't for all the people in the forums, the natural state blog, the meetings and all the rest, all which comes from our common efforts, I would never have had the courage or inspiration to work in such a way. As the mind dreams of a great future upheaval, making strategies good and bad, what is happening here on the ground is that person by person the human creature, writ large, is getting better by the day, all thanks to grass roots. At heart this insight implies that simply paying attention to the components which make up our community can and will accelerate this movement further, and that we don't need to know exactly how it will unfold but only to trust that our presence here counts.

If what I have seen about communal effort is true, that we can collaborate by bare will and attention and that all forms of participation will help and grow the collective intelligence, not a huge amount of effort is needed from each one of us to energize Just One Look so it can grow and flourish even more. It is my feeling that whatever comes out of it will be exemplary of all that is good, right and beautiful in this world. This is the greatest and most valiant attempt for lasting peace that probably ever was attempted! So join in! We'll cross our streams of attention, kind of like how they did it in those 80's movies while busting the worst kind of ghosts, and maybe we have a chance to bust the real ghost, the fear of life - once and for all!


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