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Deep Healing For the Tortured Mind



John Sherman

It seems to me that most people have the sense that there's something wrong, that something important is missing from their lives, even if they can't quite put their finger on what it is.

I believe that we are missing the boat when we seek to understand and to find solutions to specific aspects of our generalized discontent. There may be some temporary relief to be found in this approach but, to me, the numerous psychological disorders listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) cry out to be seen assymptoms of an underlying disease that is the actual cause of the mental misery that afflicts so many of us.

What if that were true? What if the specific manifestations of our discontent with life that have caught our attention were mere symptoms of an underlying disease that actually can be cured?

We are convinced that the fear of life itself is the disease that causes almost all mental misery, and that most of our discontent with ourselves and our lives are symptoms of that disease.

We are confident that this is true because we have found the actual cure for this terrible disease, and we have now seen hundreds of people experience the same transformation that it brought to us. And the cure is amazingly simple.

Just take a moment right now and move your attention from whatever is calling it and find the simple feel of your presence here, what it actually feels like to be you. What it feels like to be what you would call me, when speaking of yourself.

The simple act of inward looking cures the disease and brings deep healing to the tortured, tormented mind of the individual who tries it just once.