the purpose of our work is to rid humanity of the fear of life, one person at a time
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Why Donate to Just One Look?

In these times, it is not easy to decide where your donation should go. The needs in the world are massive and so are the requests for donations for the great work being done in different areas around the world. I wish I had the financial possibility to say yes to every request for donations and support many of the great initiatives out there. But I don't have that financial possibility. And I have had to decide for myself where my money is best spent and where, in the long run, it makes the biggest impact for as many as possible. And there are a couple of central reasons why the Just One Look Foundation did become that place for me to donate too. Reasons that are very much linked to me personally. The Just One Look Foundation's main work is to spread a method related to mental health called The Just One Look Method. That method destroyed for me a kind of general mental misery that I wasn't aware that I had until it was gone. And I saw that that mental misery had been the cause of much of my life's suffering. Suffering that I presumed was a natural part of being alive as a human being. I eventually also came to see that this general mental misery was the main cause of much of other people's suffering and craziness too. The process of "mental recovery" finally resulted in the insight that the suffering in the world is actually nothing but the suffering in the minds of many. My conclusion is that The Just One Look Method supported by the Just One Look Foundation goes to the root of the human problem and heals it for good. My donation therefore goes to support that no new suffering is created, rather than trying to fix everything that our collective craziness has created. And I see it as a privilege to be able to be helpful in this way. To see the true nature of human suffering and also get the chance to do something about it that actually works. Niklas L., Denmark - Volunteer, Donor

About donations.

You can also send us a check (US banks only) or money order:
Just One Look Foundation
201 E. Ojai Avenue, 1566
Ojai, CA 93023

I want to take this moment and remind everybody that our project here is entirely dependent on donations from us in this community and that, unfortunately, we are not meeting the running costs at our current rate. I'm already maxed out as to what I can pledge and still keep a living, so all I can do right now is ask you guys, on behalf of all of us really, to look if it is not possible for you to further help keep our community alive by giving some money. Even better I think would be if you could also find another person who has gained benefit from our work, and ask them to make a monthly pledge. Remind them of our ambitious and urgently necessary goal of providing sanity for all humans everywhere - free of charge. I have some emails to write myself regarding that point. 'Cause here's the plan: If we can only get a steady income that supports our monthly operational costs (which is not all that much tbh.) we would be able to focus on asking for bigger money, the real money, elsewhere, like from grants or altruists and other deep pockets. That kind of funding would allow for us to spread our message to everybody everywhere through all kinds of channels, like mass media for instance. So perhaps you see the bigger picture here.

But our work is currently halted because of a lack of basic, operational funding, and when I consider the way the world works, the effects of fear on our humanity, the things we do with our precious time here, how we are consuming, where the money ends up, then I think... How can something of this caliber still struggle to survive when it already touched the heart of so many? I don't know why that is, and this time I'm not looking to guilt trip anyone by saying it, only to ask for a moment of appreciation of what has been given here, and look to see if there is something useful you can do right now to help out. As is familiar, the weight on each one of us gets less with every person sharing the burden, and we could really use all the help we can get right now. So, thank you very much for considering all this with me. I know we can do it.

Help us bring our message of sanity, peace and freedom free of charge to everyone. If just 400 people were to donate only $15 a month ($0.50 a day) for one year, all the current expenses of the foundation would be covered and we'd have enough breathing space to work on finding the funding we need elsewhere, by submitting grant proposals to foundations and seeking corporate funding, for example. Robert A., Sweden - Volunteer, Donor

John and Carla Sherman offer a simple and effective means to end human suffering to anyone with ears to hear it. Stripped of the mystique and romance that accompanies most prescribed roads to freedom, it’s almost too simple, and it may be hard to believe that it actually works. But when you listen to John speak, you know that it has worked for him. I believe Just One Look has also created a shift in my own life. Personal anxiety is so missing in my daily experience that I sometimes feel nostalgic about it, which gives way to compassion. I find the Just One Look Foundation’s full disclosure of finances quite unique, and refreshingly innocent for this world. They make it very easy to trust that any money donated to them will be put to good use. Cameron L., United States - Donor

Carla and John are the first people who discovered a simple method that can be applied by every human. If you apply this method, you will be free from all psychological misery and you will be able to realize your full potential. This is all anybody could want from life. And it is free. I understand that what I write above is hard to believe. So, try it yourself. It is simple and cannot do you any harm. If you followed so far, you will understand why it comes natural to donate. Anthony A., Belgium - Donor

During the time I’ve been involved with the Just One Look Foundation, I have been honored to get to know and work with some of the amazing people who have committed to Just One Look. John, Carla, and those who are cooperating with them are donating countless hours to this lifechanging work. I have chosen to donate time and money to the Just One Look Foundation and expect to do so for as long as I am able. William C., United States - Donor, Volunteer

I first learned of this organization in 2007, when a friend sent me a link to their website. Since then I have been listening to their podcasts and doing the one simple act they advocate. Recently, when I noticed my underlying anxiety had dramatically diminished, I could see the effects in my life, and I volunteered to help them in their efforts. All of my contacts with this organization indicate they have the highest integrity. All their time, energy, and money goes toward furthering their efforts to communicate one simple act that can free people from the fear that ruins our enjoyment of life. In order to exclude no one, they offer all of their services free of charge and rely on donations to support the organization. There is no heavyhanded pressure for donations. As far as I can see, everyone is treated equally whether they donate or not. Lera C., United States - Donor

The Just One Look Foundation makes available to everyone, free of charge, a simple, direct, and powerful approach to dealing with human fear and suffering. Through their website, discussion forums, and webinars, they have created a highly supportive community through which anyone can learn this approach, ask questions, and engage with others who are doing the same. Despite the fact that thousands of people actively participate in this community, I have found John and Carla to be incredibly responsive and accessible. As a long time spiritual and intellectual "seeker", I have to say that this work is unlike any other I have encountered, and is nothing short of revolutionary. Dina M., United States - Donor

In all my experiences with non-profits, I have never come across one that is more transparent and run by more dedicated people than the Just One Look Foundation. John and Carla Sherman have selflessly dedicated their lives to raising awareness of their Just One Look message, an idea that has greatly enhanced my life. I'm proud to have been able to contribute to this wonderful organization that has helped so many--John and Carla are so hard-working and I'm happy to know them. Ansley D., United States - Donor

This is a great nonprofit that gives away valuable and potentially lifechanging knowledge to the world, at zero cost. I discovered the Just One Look Foundation almost a decade ago and have been continually impressed by their great work since then. Vivek R., United States - Donor